Bible Tournaments

Bible Tournaments provide an awesome experience and the perfect opportunity to solidify your group and enhance team commitment - all while reinforcing the knowledge of the Bible. 

It's Easy!

The Bible Verse Memory Game is based on just 50 Bible scriptures which can be studied ahead of time. Simply memorize the Bible Scripture Memory Cards included in the game, and get ready for hours of fun.

You can either host your own tournament, or you can benefit from our professional experience when you...

Invite A Member Of The JAFE Publications Team
To Host Your Tournament


Session Kick-Off

We will open the event with an entertaining short presentation exclusive only to the JAFE
Publications team and distributors -

"Why You Need to Be A.D.D. -
Armed and Divinely Dangerous!" 


The Real Fun

The real fun begins with teams competing to earn the title of A.D.D. As team members will need to study the 50 Bible Scripture Memory Cards in preparation for the event, a tournament is a great way to develop discipline in studying the Word of God.


Hosting Fees

  • Travel expenses to venue (airfare or mileage, ground transportation, hotel and meals)
  • Minimum guaranteed product purchase of 75 units (any combination of the Bible Scripture Memory Card themes and The Bible Verse Memory Game)

Bible Verse Memory Games purchased for use in the tournament and Bible Scripture Memory Cards purchased by participants in preparation for the tournament will be credited toward the minimum required purchase.

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