Bible Scripture Memory Cards

Fun, easy-to-use, and designed to provide context and
insight to aid in memorizing and applying the scriptures
of the Holy Bible.

Each set of Bible Scripture Memory Cards provides the opportunity to positively impact the life of one individual, enhance the faith of one sufferer, or provide insight for one leader.

One Set Includes:

50 Bible Scripture Memory Cards

Each card contains a scripture on the front and the Biblical reference and scriptural background on the back, including the writer, the audience, and the occasion.

Bonus Trivia Cards

With every set, you also get 27 Bible Trivia Cards! The trivia questions are printed on the front of each card with the correct response and Biblical reference on the back.

Available in Multiple Themes
Purchase a variety of sets and enhance your knowledge of the Bible 50 scriptures at a time!  Select your favorite theme from our collection of 50 Bible Scripture Memory Cards:

For Sale Now:

Every Christian Should Know

For Health and Healing

To Govern Our Words

Coming Soon:

For Teens

For Leaders

For Spiritual Warfare

On The Promises Of God

For Women

On Faith

On Who God Is

On The Power Of Prayer


Want to suggest a scripture or a theme?
Please visit our Scripture Recommendation page to submit your thoughts - we'd love to hear from you!

Wonderful Gifts
The attractive and high-quality packaging makes 50 Bible Scripture Memory Cards the perfect gift for family and friends, and wonderful encouragement for anyone ill, shut-in or needing spiritual uplift.